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Press release - Safmarine kicks off the New Year with yet another award
Shipping line Safmarine has celebrated the start of 2014 with yet another award, this time a 2013...

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Feature - Safmarine Refrigerated (Reefer) volumes - 2013-2014
Safmarine meets reefer volume forecast in 2013, anticipates growth in 2014

The perishable...

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Clipping - Sea Rescue - We can always count on Safmarine
"The 10m rescue boat at Station 15 (Mossel Bay) was recently launched at a formal blessing...

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Clipping - Cape Times - A statesman came to dinner and greeted all of the waiters
Brian Ingpen, Cape Times columnist and Head of Lawhill House writes a fitting tribute to Nelson...

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Update - Reefer and trade (SAECS) - October 2013
The trade between Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and South Africa has been given a boost with...

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Feature - Safmarine Iberia - October 2013
Safmarine says Iberian importers of reefer and automotive cargo are likely to benefit most from the...

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Profile - Safmarine (November 2013)
Company Name - Safmarine Container Lines

URL  -


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Feature - CSR- 21 years of Containers-in-the-Community ...
Safmarine's Containers in the Community project still going strong - 21 years later ...


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Feature - Why it pays to go on-line - October 2013
According to a survey done by INTTRA earlier this year, over 81% of those surveyed indicated they...

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Navigator 53 - November 2013
Great stories in this issue of Navigator 53.  Read all about the spirit of teamwork; meet some...

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